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Junk Removal and Disposal     Owner/Operator: Garry Weir

Serving Winnipeg for 6 years


"We make your junk our business"


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Crestview Disposal Services is a locally owned and operated residential junk removal business, serving Winnipeg since 2012. Whether it be renovation debris, household junk, or yard waste - we will provide you with quick, reliable and friendly service.


We offer competitive residential rates at $130 per trailer load plus disposal fees at the Brady Landfill and GST (1) (2)


Our trailer is 10 feet long, 7 feet wide with 4 foot sides. We drive up, do the loading for you and drive away.


Rate change notice:  Effective March 01, 2018, the City of Winnipeg raised the Brady Landfill Tipping/Disposal fees to $78 per tonne / with a minimum charge of $20



Examples of material we pick up:


Yard waste - branches, shrubs, grass clippings, landscaping ties, patio blocks, etc


Renovation debris - gyproc, lumber, paneling, concrete, tubs, toilets, sinks, cabinets, countertops, insulation, etc


General household junk - Beds, tables, couches, chairs, boxes, lawn fixtures/furniture, clothing, food waste, desks, carpet, luggage, etc


Recyclable material - Scrap metal, metal tubs, appliances, batteries, wiring, bicycles, and more.



How we dispose of your debris:


* Electronics such as TV, stereos. computers, speakers, radios, etc are donated to Equal Opportunities West for recycling


* Recyclable metals are diverted from the landfill and taken to Urbanmine, Winnipeg 


* All remaining debris disposed of at the Brady Landfill just south of the city of Winnipeg.


Note: Hazardous materials such as oils, gas, chemicals, not accepted for disposal



Contact information: 


For a free no obligation estimate, call or text Garry at 204-799-4961 or email:





(1) Load rate of $130 per load is based a single address, one person crew and a 90-minute load time.  Debris such as concrete, asphalt or similar material may result in higher per load rates. 


(2) Disposal/Tipping fees are set by the City of Winnipeg for the Brady Landfill and are $78 per tonne (2200 lbs / 1000 kg) (Minimum charge $20) as of March 1, 2018.